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Poignancy: poi·​gnan·​cy  -  the quality of evoking a keen sense of sadness or regret; pathos.



Why must we embark on a journey? For today, the world travels to our feet. Have we romanticized the idea of elegance? Are we seeking an answer to our perplexity? Or merely trying to evoke one?

Let’s excavate, shall we?

Poignancy aims to voyage on an expedition which shall portal you to a setting engulfed with beauty. When embarking on this journey, you must maintain caution with your serenity - for Poignancy might challenge you to enhance it. 

Poetry has blanketed the foundation of enchant. And it is only appropriate if we wrap the foundation and progress. For it might seem arduously exhausting at first glance to grasp the rooted essence of poetry, however, the fruit which shall ripened and consumed will be one to savour!

Poetry has been and always will be a mirror - a mirror whose reflection is articulated by the artist behind. As they grip the inked sword, lay their hands on the digitalised squared drums or even orate their vocal prowess, they birth poetry.

For a mirror that has served so selflessly, mustn’t we largesse it with glamour?

Exclaim your creative monstrosity,

For we reside in a world in dire need of poignancy.

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