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Devarya Singhania, 

Founder, Editor-in-Chief.

Devarya Singhania is a student currently studying in The International School Bangalore, subsequently he has a genuine interest for poetry. He chose to start writing as it aided him in exemplifying his poetic adore. He is of a strong opinion which regards with the idea of his generation being solely responsible for the future, which in his belief is the time-period after the next five years.


He further condemns the lack of empathy which exists in the society today. Due to his opinion about his generation being responsible for the future, he is striving to engage his peers with his opinions and trying to amplify his concern.


He stands as an immense fan of William Shakespeare, Fredrick Nietzsche, and Lao Tzu, to name a few. He also enjoys watching India play cricket, only when he is able to advise behind the diminutive screen. 

He would gladly stop in the hallway to strike a conversation about religion, politics, cricket or simply to brag about his music taste. On a typical afternoon, you could find him gazing at his laptop screen, randomly dancing or simply losing himself in lyrics of songs as if he were the person singing.


Syna Sachdeva,


Syna Sachdeva is currently studying in The International School Bangalore. On the days she isn’t mad at herself for choosing IB, she can be found enjoying crime documentaries or watching Hyram’s skincare videos. 


Her favorite poet is Bukowski, and she loves “Let it Enfold You” read by Timothée Chalamet in the Beautiful Boy (2018) credits. She hates how the writers concluded Game of Thrones, but still considers the show better than Breaking Bad (please don’t cancel her).


Syna’s hot take: People don’t give pineapple on pizza the chance it deserves. She calls the pizza “life-changing”. Her alter-ego is Fran Lebowitz, so she probably has an opinion about everything. If you don’t know Fran Lebowitz, you’re probably living under a rock. Don’t bother coming out. That’s her alter-ego being mean, not her. Seriously, watch Scorsese’s Pretend it’s A City on Netflix to learn about Lebowitz.


She’ll quickly respond on e-mail, so don’t bother calling/texting. Email:

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Vedanshi Seth,
Social Media Manager.

Vedanshi Seth is a grade 11 student who loves all-things-creative, editing and shows deep interest in learning new things. Through poignancy, she wishes to learn about poetry and creative writing and maybe discover a new hobby.

Aanya Raman,
Outreach Manager.

Hello, my name is Aanya. Literature is my favourite thing for numerous reasons; from the esoteric aspects and the creativity it produces, to the absolute joy of storytelling and fiction create. My favourite book is 'The perks of being a wallflower', because of the brilliant themes of love, depression and death and how beautifully these aspects are painted. I love writing as well, but am remarkably critical of everything I write. Art is another one of my passions, along with my upcoming magazine celebrating creativity- I love using them to express myself in ways other than writing.

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